Need help? Just ask!

People invariably come to foodbanks as a last resort and it’s not an easy thing to do. Walking through the door for the very first time can be extremely difficult for most people, despite being in a desperate situation. They can feel embarrassed and in some cases imagine that they will be poorly judged by those around them, because, for whatever reason, it is no longer possible to provide food for their families. The reasons that necessitate the use of a foodbank are quite complex. Essentially, it tends to be because of low-pay work and issues with the benefits system.

As an independent food bank we do not have the strict criteria associated with some of the larger national organisations. Each person is given the opportunity to explain their circumstance and why they have felt that a visit to the food bank is needed. We treat everyone fairly and with compassion and offer a friendly face and a cuppa to our visitors.

Our volunteers will listen to individuals and if acceptable suggest agencies that may be in a position to help them.


Phone: 07565711311 (Sats & Tues 10am-12noon only) 07704 114484 (all other times) Email :



** PANTRY does not routinely deliver foodparcels.** Those in need of emergency help must provide a contact phone number where we can call to assess your needs and if necessary arrange a time for the collection of a food parcel at the Tabernacle. PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP WITHOUT A PRIOR APPOINTMENT. Masks must be worn and social distancing must be observed during any visit to protect visitors and our volunteers.